About us

    Driving School Driving Bcn, your driving school in Barcelona, ​​arises from a deep passion to transmit values ​​so necessary and important for future drivers, such as knowledge of driving regulations and safe and effective driving.

    Since 2006 we have trained hundreds of drivers with the conviction that we have individually turned with each one of them, and with the satisfaction of knowing that these people who one day placed their trust in us have obtained their driving license in a satisfactory way.

    If you are looking for a driving school in Barcelona, ​​do not hesitate, come and meet us and you will be convinced.

    We will wait for you!

    What we offer

    • Personal care

      Personal care

      In Driving Bcn you will always be attended personally. You will have a teaching adequate to your needs and your availability. We take care that you progress adequately towards your goal.
    • Ease


      We provide schematics, basic questions, summaries, more than 100 tests online. We practice classes from 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.
    • Fun


      We offer dynamic and enjoyable theoretical classes and your participation is of great importance. We make teaching simple and quick and effective.
    • Refresher


      Refresher driving lessons are ideal for people who want to improve their driving skills to drive safely and with confidence. Come to Driving Bcn and take some classes with our English speakers driving instructors in our brand cars (manual Audi) or (automatic Mercedes).

    Our Cars

    In Driving Bcn we have high-end vehicles such as our (Audi) and automatic (Mercedes) cars so that learning to drive is even more comfortable and easy.

    • DrivingBcn Coche1

      DrivingBcn Coche1

    • DrivingBcn Coche2

      DrivingBcn Coche2

    • DrivingBcn Coche3

      DrivingBcn Coche3

    • DrivingBcn Coche4

      DrivingBcn Coche4

    • DrivingBcn Coche5

      DrivingBcn Coche5

    • DrivingBcn Moto1

      DrivingBcn Moto1

    • DrivingBcn Moto2

      DrivingBcn Moto2

    • DrivingBcn Moto3

      DrivingBcn Moto3

    • DrivingBcn Moto4

      DrivingBcn Moto4

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      WhatsApp Image 2021 01 21 At 18.31.25

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